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HDB Painting Service Singapore

We offer great and yet affordable painting packages that suits homes of all sizes in Singapore. We seriously make sure your house are in good hands while we make special considerations such as allergies and sensitivities to smells that occupants may have. We have a big team of experienced painters and we take measures to protect the contents of each home. More to it is the 1 year warranty we have for your house HDB painting.

Get to choose up to 3 colours AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

HDB Painting Services Singapore

3 Room HDB Painting Package $980 nett 4 Room HDB Painting Package $1280 nett 5 Room HDB Painting Package $1580 nett

Our 3-Step Painting Process :

1) Pre-Painting Site Inspection – Our sales representatives will visit your home for a site assessment of the condition of the walls and provide recommendations to ensure the best painting results.

2) Preparation & Precaution – Before any work starts, our main priority is to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your furnishings are well protected from paint splatters.

3) Completion & Post Painting – Once the paint dries, we will put the furnishings back to their original positions. A project leader will inspect the completed work and ensure that it is to your satisfaction. You will then be issued a warranty for the job done.

To learn more about these services, contact us now!

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