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Whether you need to install a new fixture or undergo home improvement work, professionals can make the difference. Our installers have the tools, experience, and knowledge to make the most out of your items. From floors to countertops, there is no job we cannot handle. Handyman Services is the company you can call to get any job done on time and with the best quality.

If you need any home or office fix, call us. We’ll work on any installation, be it electrical, painting, carpentry, and more. We are the trusted handyman for improvement anywhere in Singapore.

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Why Choose Us?

Handyman Services is a certified and insured installation company. We make sure that your home stays beautiful and has everything it needs. With our experience and training, you’ll have an expert you need with a call. We’ve worked on all types of homes and commercial properties.

Each job we take comes with a quality guarantee. We serve residents and business owners all over Singapore. We’ll also answer any concerns you have and make recommendations for installation if you need them. Our expertise helps us understand the best ways to install and apply your fixtures and materials.

We also work on your schedule and have efficient services because we want you to enjoy your new installation as quickly as possible. We’ll also answer any questions you may have and guide you through each installation process.

If you need any installation work done, contact Handyman Services today. We work on your timeframe and budget. We are available to work anywhere in Singapore.

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Automated Laundry Rack Installation

One of the challenges of cleaning clothes at home is finding a space to dry them, especially in places like HDBs that don’t have much outdoor space. While using poles and wires can help to some degree, an automated laundry rack is one of the best solutions for drying.

With an automated laundry rack, you can clean and dry clothes without worrying about the weather. They’re convenient as you can retract them, so they don’t take up much space. It will stay hidden until you need it again.

If you have an automated laundry rack, we can install it for you. Proper installation requires a level ceiling and a strong frame with enough screws to attach. The good news is that most products already have these materials at the ready. We’ll carefully check each piece’s integrity and prepare the electric line.

Once mounted, all it takes is locking in the screws and making sure the wires are attached well. Then we’ll attach the rest of the rack and test it to see if it’s performing as expected.

Handyman Services installs all types of automated laundry racks. We’ve worked on all makes and models, and we’re even knowledgeable about newer designs with added features. Check our blog post today to see our rates.

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Curtain Rod & Track Installation

Curtain rods act as a skeleton for curtains, holding them up while also being an additional feature. They come in different styles, materials, and designs. We install them by attaching supporting hooks or racks which hold the rod up. The crucial part of installing this item is ensuring that it’s aligned and has enough height for the length of the curtain.

Some rods have movable and attachable parts called tracks. Also known as traverse rods, they act as a way for you to hook a curtain onto the rod discreetly. Instead of fitting the curtain with the rod, you hang it using hooks. Some curtain tracks also feature decorative styles that match the rod. It comes in different materials, like metal or plastic.

We make sure that the rod fits the curtain during installation. For example, grommet curtains work best for rods, and lace curtains with hooks work better on tracks. We also want to make sure that the rod is sturdy and it has enough supporting brackets to keep it up.

Track rods require more finesse as we’ll have to check each moving part to see if the mechanism is working. A problem with the track could spell issues when you’re trying to open or close the curtain. If we encounter any problem, we fix it and prevent it from happening again.

Handyman Services is the contractor you need for home improvement. Learn more about our affordable handyman services today.

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Mirror & Shelves Installation

Mirrors are beautiful pieces that create the illusion of space. The type you use will depend on what you need in the room. Some have decorative frames that can bring a theme together. Others reflect smaller rooms to create a feeling of open space.

Shelves, on the other hand, are both highly functional and decorative. Each one you add creates storage space for a variety of things. These often come in different finishes and styles to fit all homes. Even finding a wood shelf can yield intricate details.

Shelves can also change the way a space looks by adding partitions or creating separation where there is none. It’s perfect if you want more privacy, plus it acts as a storage space. They can work in any indoor space, like the living room, study, bedroom, and more.

Both items require a solid and sturdy mount to keep them attached to a wall. We may use mastic, a special glue that allows mirrors to stick to different surfaces. Another option is a mounting tape, a stronger adhesive that works for wood, brick, metal, and tile walls.

There is an option to nail or screw the mirror to the wall though it isn’t a primary option. The other methods are faster to do, have the same durability, and won’t damage any surface.

For shelves, we have to drill and install brackets. Our team will measure the wall and ensure the item has balance. If you want floating shelves in your home, we can use wall studs to support heavier items. That plus the brackets will be enough to hold these heavy items.

For mirrors and shelves, Handyman Services is the team to help you. Learn more about our mirror and shelf installation services today.

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Pull Up Bar Installation

The problem with most standard home gym equipment is that they’re too bulky or don’t provide back and shoulders exercises. A pull-up bar is one of the most space-saving pieces of exercise equipment out there. The good news is that there are many pull-up bars with designs that can work for different parts of the home.

The most common is the doorway pull-up bar. It makes use of the wall and frame of the door, which is capable of carrying your weight. We’ll install it so that it doesn’t become an obtrusion while also being easily accessible if you ever need exercise. We also make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the door’s path.

Our installation can ensure that the pull-up bar remains sturdy. You won’t have to worry about it even with consistent use.

We also know how to install wall-mounted pull-up bars, which you can attach to different materials. We install the brackets and align them, and we’ll also handle any assembly that’s needed.

Learn more about our reliable and affordable services.

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TV Bracket Installation

Mounting a TV to a wall is one of the best options for a home that doesn’t have much space. All you need is brackets and the mount the television attaches to. With it, you don’t need to buy an expensive shelf or have to settle with placing the TV on the floor. You can mount your TV on whatever wall you want it on with our help.

Professional installation ensures that the mount has correct placement and alignment. A mistake can lead to more holes in the wall or even TV damage. We precisely measure it and install it in around an hour, depending on the unit you have.

There are also different types of mounts. There’s a basic fixed mount which you’ll attach to the wall. Some of them offer adjustable or movable angles. It’s crucial to have strong support with these complex mounts so you can use them to their full capability. A proper mount will lead to clear pictures and a better watching experience.

Whatever wall mount you desire, Handyman Services can help you with it. We are knowledgeable about the various types out there and have experts who can install your mounts fast.

Learn more about our TV bracket installation services today.

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Work with Handyman Services for All Your Installation Needs

Handyman Services offers installation for different residential or commercial improvement needs. Whether you’re looking for a new fixture or better infrastructure, we have the experts who can help. Focusing on proper installation and reliability is a must if you want to make the most out of your new purchases. Contact us today, and we’ll handle all your home improvement work for you.

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