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Whenever you’ve got a loose faucet or a slow drip on your sink, that’s an easy fix for anyone with a wrench. However, when big plumbing problems happen, it’s best for everyone if you leave it up to the pros. Trying to fix something that you’re not skilled in handling won’t save you any money. It will only lead to more problems and unanticipated costs.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s something you can’t simply tighten with a screwdriver or wrench, you should call a skilled plumber. Here are 3 challenging plumbing situations that definitely need the expertise of a professional plumber in Singapore.

1. Issues with your water heater

A leak in a water heater needs immediate attention from a plumber before it causes more damage to your home. If your water heater is taking an exceedingly long time to heat up, makes strange sounds or doesn’t seem to be operating efficiently, you’ll also want a professional plumber to come take a look. A water heater is a major piece of equipment and to properly repair it, you’ll need to be skilled with electrical repairs.

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2. Pipe Burst

When pipes burst, it’s imperative to hire someone with the know-how for the job. Pipes can burst from age, high water pressure, corrosion and wear, and blockage. Repairing something like this is more difficult than most people can handle. Pipe bursts cause some truly horrific damage beyond the obvious broken piping. Depending on where the pipe burst is, it could interfere with your electric wiring and cause a short circuit. If it’s deep in the walls of your home, it can cause mould that will be even more difficult and costly to remove if not discovered quick enough, not to mention extremely damaging to your health. A Singapore professional plumber will need to cut through walls, replace the damaged pipes and then close up the walls again. Make sure to have them inspect the other pipes and if any other problems are found, have them taken care of before they become worse. As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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3. Major drainage clogs and backed up sewage

One of the worst plumbing nightmares for any homeowner is when a shower or toilet overflows. Especially if it overflows with sewage. Toilets that clog often and don’t respond to the usual methods of fixing like using a plunger should absolutely be seen by a professional plumber. There are quite a few reasons why backups like this might occur. If you have large, old trees that have been on your property since before you were born, the roots could have infiltrated your system. Flushing too many things down the toilet that aren’t supposed to be flushed, flooding near or under your home, and structural defects are other potential reasons this could happen. To be sure and to get the problem resolved right the first time, call a professional plumber in to get it done.

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