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Homeowners should always be vigilant when it comes to electrical safety in their home to avoid dangerous situations that could have more than just shocking consequences. Electrical contractors point to some of the following tips that you should be aware of when it comes to electrical issues with your home:

1. Regularly inspect your RCCB

Your residual current circuit breaker (RSSB) is what prevents electric shock from happening as soon as it detects any leakage in current. It shuts off the system immediately upon detection. You can check this out by pushing the test button to make sure it is operating properly.

2. Keep water and electricity separated

It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s important to always keep in mind that your electrical appliances need to be away from water. And never ever touch them with wet hands. If you have an open outlet or electrical switch, this is especially dangerous and something you should call a professional in for.

3. Only use a licensed electrician

While pushing a test button is something any homeowner can and should do, electrical issues beyond this are best left to the professionals. Only licensed electricians should be dealing with installations, maintenance and repairs regarding electrical issues on your property. Don’t hire anyone that isn’t EMA-licensed.

4.Don’t overload your power points

A good way to start a fire is to overload your power points or to make use of any that are cracked or broken. Have these replaced immediately by a licensed electrician.

5.Have the earth wire checked

Every electrical appliance in your home is earthed so that it can help prevent electric shock from occurring. If something isn’t working properly, your licensed electrician can check on the earth wire and make repairs and replacements as necessary.

6. Don’t rejoin wires

One of the most dangerous things you can do is rejoin frayed or cut electrical cords with insulated tape. You risk harm when handling them and should the tape peel off, you’ll have exposed wires. Let your licensed electrician handle this one.

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7. Protect your children from electrical dangers

Teach your children to be safe with electricity. If you have small children in your home, you should use protective plastic covers on all electrical outlets to keep them from touching or inserting something into them. Explain to them that they should never use hair dryers or touch light switches while in the shower or tub, or even while standing on a wet floor. Outside, take the opportunity to show them how to avoid playing near electrical wires and high voltage boxes.

If you have any electrical problems, be sure to call a licensed electrician Singapore to help you properly resolve the issues. Let us help you find one to help you today!

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